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» Tourism » Kölked, White Stork Museum
Kölked, White Stork Museum

Storks in the garden of the museum

In the Museum

In the Museum

In the Museum

handicraft-making activities

7717 Kölked, Széchenyi u. 1., Phone: 30/846-6020
The inhabitants of Kölked, located South of Mohács, have been living together with the storks for hundreds of years. Laying at the border of the floodplain, the village has always been a secure white stork nesting and feeding place. The White Stork Museum, unique in the country, can be found here. 
The museum, which is also unique in the European perspective, has a thematic collection organized around one species, the white stork (Ciconia ciconia). We know only about one similar institution, which can be found at Klopot in Poland. We have good professional relations with them. 
Inside the museum building, once a school, we can learn about the feeding, nesting and migration habits of white storks. All members of the storks’ family are illustrated here, although only two species live in Hungary. Also, the storks’ appearance in literature and ethnography are presented. While a huge demonstration board shows the migration routes  of the storks with lighting dots, some wintering storks are trying their wings in the yard, near a tiny lake. Egg-laying, nesting, and bringing up the young can be followed through a built-in camera. This wonderful bird can be seen in site in the yard and on electric poles. 
Guided museum visits give an experience about storks. 
The White Stork Museum in Kölked is expecting kindergarten and school groups with a great variety of programmes. In those programmes, participants will learn about the natural values of our environment through activities that give them a real experience. The level of each programme is adjusted to the age and individual interests of the participants. 
On a regular basis, the White Stork Museum announces dates when programmes for children or for the whole family are held, including handicraft-making activities. In those activities, participants create decorative objects of natural raw materials, with a help of experts. 
We are looking forward to seeing our visitors!

Opening hours:
1 September - 30 April: Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-16.00 
1 May - 31 August: Tuesday-Sunday 8.00-16.00
Tickets (contains the fee of guide)
Adults: 500 HUF
Under 18 y.: 400 HUF
Pensioners: 400 HUF
Group discount: over 20 people 350 HUF/person
Kindergarten groups: 250 HUF/person
Bicycle renting:
200 HUF/started hour
Several day pass: 1000 HUF/day from the 2nd day
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