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Jelen honlap a Duna-Dráva Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság hivatalos honlapja ( Az egyéb más oldalakon található, Duna-Dráva Nemzeti Park Igazgatósággal kapcsolatos információkért nem vállalunk felelősséget.
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» Tourism » Drávaszentes – "Dráva Kapu" Visitor Centre
Drávaszentes – "Dráva Kapu" Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre

Grey cattles 

Water quality assessment


Conference room


Grill Café

Grill Café

Grey cattles

7570 Barcs-Drávaszentes, Fő u. 1. Phone: +36-82/461-285, +36-30/377-3393

The “Dráva Kapu” Visitor Centre offers a wide range of possibilities to learn about the natural and cultural values of the protected area along the Drava, providing a chance for recreation to all age groups. We have special programmes for kindergarten groups, schoolchildren, or business groups.

Guided tours through the study trail, showing the grey cattle herd grazing in the meadows. At the end of the study trail, a the fauna of a wetland habitat can be observed from a bird watching tower.

In a farm built near the Visitor Centre, long-wooled Racka sheep, donkeys, Hucul ponies, and Mangalica pigs can be seen.

Natural values of Danube-Drava National Park
Video and slideshow about the Danube-Drava National Park and its protected plant and animal species.

The Drava river

The geography, history, hydrological details and natural values of Drava river
Video and slideshow about the Drava. Water quality assessments.
The quality of living waters. Water quality assessments in the creek in the area of the Visitor Centre.


In the new building opened in 2008, an exhibition showing the natural values of the Drava river can be seen. The visitors are shown the most important habitats of the Drava river’s region and the protected animals living therein. In a large sized aerial photo, the natural and the artificial moving of the river bed can be studied.

Conference room

We can organize events for up to 80 persons in our imposing conference room, equipped with multimedia presentation facilities. For the participants of such events, we can provide meals that meet all standards.


In the Visitor Centre, two fully equipped rooms with three beds are available, together with a kitchen. Extra beds can be placed in the rooms if requested. We can offer meals to our guests in our restaurant.

“Dráva Kapu” Grill Café

We undertake organizing family events, class meetings, company parties, or providing meals to school groups from 4 to 40 persons in our restaurant, after booking.  Phone: 30/275-0653, 82/491-134

How to approach the Centre

By car: 4 km from Barcs, near the main road between Barcs and Csurgó
By bicycle: From Barcs, 4 km riding on the paved road (low traffic)
By scheduled buses departing from the Barcs Railway Station.

Other services

The following sevices are offered to our visitors (booking required): Meals for groups, bike rental, organizing river tours at the Drava, organizing one-day river tours at the Drava, guided tours at the Drava part of Danube-Drava National Park.

Opening hours

Exhibition and restaurant
1 April – 15 October: Tuesday – Sunday 9.00 – 17.00 
16 October - 31 March: previous booking is required

Animal show
1 April – 15 October: Monday – Friday 9.00 – 17.00, weekends: only with exhibition ticket or previously registered can enter the show
16 October - 31 March: closed


Adults: 500 HUF/person; students and pensioners: 300 HUF/person 
Family ticket: 1200 HUF/family 
Reduced price for groups: for more than 20 people: 300 HUF/person

Visits to the Drava Kapu Visitor Centre with professional guide:
“Drava Gate” exhibition, native animal show, walk on the “Wet Meadows” study trail, multimedia presentation
Groups up to 20 people: 12.000 HUF per group
Over 20 people: 600 HUF per person 

For school groups:
Groups up to 20 people: 10.000 HUF per group
Over 20 people: 500 HUF per person

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